Lance Dewease has no desire to trek to the racetrack every week and grind through an 80-race Sprint Car schedule. That time has passed. Not only has the sport changed, so has Dewease. At age 50, his body is slowing down and he has other things he wants to do outside of racing.

But Dewease still loves the competition, and still loves the sport. Especially those high-dollar shows. That's why he signed on to drive for Sprint Car Hall of Famer Don Kreitz Jr. and uber mechanic Davey Brown Sr. in 2016.

"It feels good," Dewease said. "I'm excited about teaming up with Donald and Davey, and I'm looking forward to being very competitive.

"The biggest thing that excites me is how fast his race car is and being in contention to win the bigger shows. That's what it's always been about."

The team plans to run between 20 and 25 shows. As of now, Dewease will fly Kreitz colors in 17 events at Williams Grove and run all the races at Susquehanna Speedway, a number that hasn't been released.

There is a chance the Dewease-Kreitz-Brown combination will take on a few more events. That is dependent on more funding.

"We discussed the financial side, and that didn't bother me one bit," Dewease said. "I would like to race a little bit more, and I'm working on things.

"[Don] and I talked about running a little more if we get more backing, but I'm thinking it will be 20 to 25 shows."

"I'm excited about teaming up with Donald and Davey. I'm looking forward to being very competitive." — Dewease
This deal morphed out of chance.

Kreitz was forced to retire from racing in September due to reoccurring concussion-like symptoms. Midwest standout Justin Henderson climbed in the car at the Williams Grove National Open and finished fourth.




Don Kreitz Jr. focused and cautiously confident heading into 2016


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