Central PA’s #1 Open Wheel News Source

Central PA’s #1 Open Wheel News Source

September 26, 2019 / Comments 0 / 544 / Uncategorized
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PORT ROYAL: No, Brent, it’s not a dream. It might have seemed that way. Brent Marks and Sprint Car drivers across the country imagine climbing on the rear of the car and waving the checkered flag in front of cheering fans. They dream about the flash bulbs of the photographers, standing with a huge trophy and getting that big check. For Marks, it’s a reality.

You will have to excuse the Myerstown driver for having to pinch himself. After all, he scored the biggest win of his career, when he blasted by Sheldon Haudenschild and went on to score the win in the 48th annual Tuscarora 50. Marks’ Sunday night haul was $12,625. It was also his third win in seven days, which was was worth a total bounty of $21,625.

"That’s awesome," Marks said. "We’ve been wanting a new motor, and I think we deserve a new one. "This is a race I wanted to win, one I said we could win. Like I said [last] Monday, to go that long without a win was tough and now, all of a sudden, we pull off three. I just hope I wake up tomorrow, and it wasn’t a dream." This win wasn’t handed to Marks. He had to earn every bit of it after starting back in the 13th position.


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