Danny Dietrich Releases 2017 Schedule

Danny Dietrich Releases 2017 Schedule

September 26, 2019 / Comments 0 / 646 / Uncategorized
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Danny Dietrich releases 2017 schedule,

Will launch season February 9 at Bubba Raceway Park

By Fully Injected Motorsports:

GETTYSBURG, PA. (January 27, 2017) – Boasting an impressive slate with a race count reaching the near-110 mark, Danny Dietrich will enter the 2017 season with plenty to look forward to. The Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, native, who recently announced his plans to pilot for car owner Tom Buch during select events in 2017, will launch his new season with three consecutive nights of Arctic Cat All Star Circuit of Champions competition at Bubba Raceway Park in Ocala, Florida.

“We have a big season ahead, but we’re definitely looking forward to it,” Danny Dietrich explained. “I have a dedicated group of guys who spend a lot of time in the shop. Without their help, a schedule like this wouldn’t be possible. I also want to thank Tom Buch and Gary Kauffman for the opportunities. They each believe in me and believe in what we are capable of. I think we are all pretty excited to get started.”

In addition to a full campaign aboard the Gary Kauffman Racing/Weikert’s Livestock/Sandoe’s Fruit Market/Pace Performance/Gsell’s Whitetails/Hickory Run Orchards/ No. 48, “Double-D” Danny Dietrich will pilot the familiar Tom Buch-owned No. 13 on 18 separate occasions, beginning with eight appearances in the Sunshine State at Bubba Raceway Park and Volusia Speedway Park; joining the Arctic Cat All Stars and World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series.

Danny Dietrich will join the Arctic Cat All Star Circuit of Champions on 20 different occasions in 2017, while competing against the “Greatest Show On Dirt” on 19 occasions.

“There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes that makes all of this possible,” Dietrich explained. “The common goal is to be successful from start to finish. I’m going to work as hard as I can to make that a reality.”

Danny Dietrich’s 2017 Schedule:

February (9)

9th – Ocala ASCoC (Buch 13)

10th – Ocala ASCoC (Buch 13)

11th – Ocala ASCoC (Buch 13)

15th – Volusia ASCoC (Buch 13)

16th – Volusia ASCoC (Buch 13)

17th – Volusia WoO (Buch 13)

18th – Volusia WoO (Buch 13)

19th – Volusia WoO(Buch 13)

25th – Lincoln Speedway

March (9)

4th – Lincoln Speedway

11th – Lincoln Speedway

11th – Port Royal Speedway

12th – Williams Grove Speedway

17th – Williams Grove Speedway

18th – Lincoln Speedway

24th – Williams Grove Speedway

25th – Lincoln Speedway

31st – Williams Grove Speedway

April (10)

1st – Lincoln Speedway

7th – Williams Grove Speedway

8th – Lincoln Speedway

14th – Williams Grove Speedway

15th – Lincoln Speedway

21st – Williams Grove Speedway

22nd – Lincoln Speedway

28th – Williams Grove Speedway ASCoC

29th – Lincoln Speedway

30th – Bedford Speedway ASCoC

May (13)

5th – Williams Grove Speedway

6th – Lincoln Speedway

7th – Susquehanna Speedway

12th – Williams Grove Speedway

13th – Lincoln Speedway

17th – Lincoln Speedway WoO

19th – Williams Grove Speedway WoO

20th – Williams Grove Speedway WoO

21st – Weedsport Speedway WoO (Buch 13)

23rd – New Egypt Speedway (Buch 13)

26th – Williams Grove Speedway

27th – Port Royal Speedway

28th – Port Royal Speedway

June (14)

2nd – Williams Grove Speedway

3rd – Lincoln Speedway

8th – Susquehanna Speedway

9th – Williams Grove Speedway

10th – Lincoln Speedway

16th – Selinsgrove Speedway TBD

17th – Lincoln Speedway

18th – Waynesfield Raceway ASCoC (Buch 13)

19th – Wayne County Speedway ASCoC (Buch 13)

20th – Sharon Speedway ASCoC (Buch 13)

22nd – Muskingum Speedway ASCoC (Buch 13)

23rd – Williams Grove Speedway

24th – Lincoln Speedway

30th – Williams Grove Speedway

July (20)

1st – Lincoln Speedway

2nd – Path Valley Speedway

3rd – Lincoln Speedway

4th – Grandview Speedway

5th – Hagerstown Speedway

6th – Port Royal Speedway

7th – Williams Grove Speedway

8th – Port Royal Speedway

9th – Selinsgrove Speedway

14th – Williams Grove Speedway

15th – Lincoln Speedway

16th – Susquehanna Speedway

18th – Lernerville Speedway WoO (Buch 13)

21st – Williams Grove Speedway WoO

22nd – Williams Grove Speedway WoO

23rd – Ransomville Speedway WoO (Buch 13)

25th – New Egypt WoO (Buch 13)

28th – Williams Grove Speedway

29th – Port Royal Speedway

30th – Lebanon Valley Speedway ASCoC (Buch 13)

August (14)

4th – Williams Grove Speedway

5th – Federated Auto Parts Raceway WoO

6th – Knoxville Raceway

7th – Osky Speedway

10th – Knoxville Nationals

11th – Knoxville Nationals

12th – Knoxville Nationals

17th – Grandview Speedway ASCoC

18th – Williams Grove Speedway ASCoC

19th – Lincoln Speedway ASCoC

20th – Susquehanna Speedway ASCoC

25th – Williams Grove Speedway

26th – Lincoln Speedway

27th – Trailway Speedway

September (14)

1st – Williams Grove Speedway

2nd – Lincoln Speedway

3rd – Williams Grove Speedway

4th – Port Royal Speedway

8th – Port Royal Speedway ASCoC

9th – Port Royal Speedway ASCoC

15th – Williams Grove Speedway ASCoC

16th – Selinsgrove Speedway ASCoc

21st – Susquehanna Speedway

22nd – Williams Grove Speedway

23rd – Lincoln Speedway

28th – Williams Grove Speedway WoO

29th – Williams Grove Speedway WoO

30th – Williams Grove Speedway WoO

October (3)

5th – Vacation

6th – Vacation

7th – Vacation

8th – Vacation

14th – Port Royal Speedway WoO

21st – Port Royal Speedway

28th – Susquehanna Speedway

November (2)

4th – Charlotte WoO

5th – Charlotte WoO

Keep up with Danny Dietrich and Gary Kauffman Racing during their entire campaign right here at the official online home of Fully Injected Motorsports – www.FullyInjected.com. Be sure to also follow Danny Dietrich online at www.dannydietrich.com, as well as on all of the available social media networks including Twitter: https://twitter.com/dannydietrich and Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GKRracing/

Recent Highlights: Earned two victories during PA Sprint Speedweek (Mitch Smith Memorial and Selinsgrove Speedway Finale), as well as the overall PA Sprint Speedweek championship. Earned $25,000 National Open victory against the World of Outlaws at Williams Grove Speedway.

2017 Highlights: N/A

2015 Wins: 16

2016 Wins: 9 (Lincoln Speedway x2, Williams Grove Speedway x2, Selinsgrove Speedway x2, Susquehanna Speedway x2, Port Royal Speedway)

2017 Wins: N/A

Danny Dietrich and Gary Kauffman Racing would like to thank all of their current marketing partners including: Weikert’s Livestock, Sandoe’s Fruit Market, Pace Performance, Gsell’s Whitetails, Hickory Run Orchards, Carlisle Auto Salvage, CATS Used Truck Parts, Drop Of Ink Tattoo, Bowman Block & Head Repair, Graver’s Garage, Racer’s New & Used Parts Warehouse, B&C Auto Menders, Bear Mountain Orchards, El Vista Orchards, Moritz Machine & Repair, Bream Orchard

About Fully Injected Motorsports: Headquartered in Western Pennsylvania, Fully Injected Motorsports provides professional grade press releases to multiple short track teams from all areas of the country.

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