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HANOVER, PA (8/7/2015) – Spring Grove’s Isaac Sneeringer padded his points lead with his fifth win of the year in Friday night’s 25-lap “358” sprint car feature at Trail-Way Speedway. “This is awesome!” exclaimed Sneeringer upon exiting his DCI Racing/Todd Gosnell Paving/Legacy #19Z in victory lane, “This is the hardest I had to drive because the top was so fast.”

“Racing for this championship really has the pressure on. I’m nervous before every race,” continued Sneeringer, “This is a big win. Last week we started 12th and only got to fourth.” Sneeringer started second when Nat Tuckey opted for the rear, and led every lap, crossing 3.55 seconds ahead of hard charger Brad McClelland at the checkered.

McClelland, who started 11th, was running third when Brandon Noel flipped into the second-turn catch fence on lap 18. He then assumed second after Seth Kearchner went to the pits with a hole in the radiator during the red flag period, but had to deal with a lapped car for two laps after the restart and was never able to close on Sneeringer.

Seventh-starting Cody Fletcher finished third, with Wyatt Hinkle the only other car on the lead lap in fourth.

United Racing Company

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After nine seasons as a corporate entity, the United Racing Company will cease operation in December 2014.

Low car count, a diminishing number of shows, the rising cost of operating a 360 sprint car and less fan appeal make it difficult for promoters to see a positive financial impact when adding this division as an event at their race track. As a result, many race teams have turned to other options as well, like the forever popular 410 sprints with other teams going to the more affordable route of the 305 sprints, where they may compete locally to avoid the travel cost.

ARDC Midgets

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The time has arrived!

In just a few short days, the stars of USAC will arrive in Pennsylvania for three nights of racing with the competitors of the American Racing Drivers Club (ARDC). In just a few short days, drivers like Rico Abreu and his team mates, Christopher Bell and Tanner Thorson, Kevin Thomas, Jr., Bryan Clauson, Tracey Hines, Jerry Coons, Jr., Zach Daum, Spenser Bayston, Darren Hagen and more will arrive at the Path Valley Speedway for the first of three nights of racing along with the drivers from ARDC. It’s been more than twenty years since fans have been treated to an event like this!

Racing action gets underway at 7pm at Tuesday night at Path Valley for a double header of wingless midgets along with the wingless super sportsman. Action moves to the Lincoln Speedway on Wednesday night with a 7:30 race time. The midgets will be paired with the Central PA Legends. And then on Thursday night, the action moves to the Susquehanna Speedway Park for the final night of racing. Thursday night racing gets underway at 7:30.

410 Sprint Car Points Update 08-17-15

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with associate sponsors; ButlerBuilt Seats, Conroy “Pneu” Control, Bob Hilbert Sportswear, Hoosier Tire Mid-Atlantic, Maxim Chassis, RAACE, Eagle Motorsports Inc., and Winters Performance Products.

Williams Grove Speedway Cancels Friday Racing After Fatal Crash

Williams Grove Speedway cancelled its racing program midway through practice laps on Friday night August 14th after a racing accident claimed the life of sprint car driver Jim Campbell Jr. The accident took place in the third corner of the speedway during warm ups. The Speedway Motors/Champion Racing Oil Central PA Sprint Cars extend sincere sympathy to the Campbell family.

The series ran two shows Saturday night August 15th with both bringing new winners for 2015. At Lincoln Speedway Chase Dietz took his first ever 410 sprint car win, while at Port Royal Speedway Blane Heimbach won his first feature of the 2015 season.

The Speedway Motors/Champion Racing Oil Central PA Sprint Cars are back at Williams Grove Speedway Friday August 21st. Port Royal Speedway and Lincoln Speedway both have shows on Saturday August 22nd. On Sunday the 23rd Susquehanna Speedway Park hosts their one series show for the month of August.

Four of the top five in the Speedway Motors/Champion Racing Oil Central PA Sprint Cars series points made it in to the A main for the Knoxville Nationals Saturday night August 15th in Knoxville IA. Lucas Wolfe finished 9th, Greg Hodnett finished 10th, Danny Dietrich finished 15th, and Brent Marks 17th. Greg Hodnett was hard charger coming from 9th to 4th in the B Main and 23rd to 10th in the A Main. Stevie Smith was 10th in the B Main and Logan Wagner finished 18th in the B Main missing Rookie of the Nationals by just one position.

Greg Hodnett leads the series points over Danny Dietrich with Brian Montieth 3rd.


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listing; position, car number, driver, points, series wins

AS OF; August 15, 2015

1. 27 Greg Hodnett 1368 11

2. 48 Danny Dietrich 1254 12

3. 21 Brian Montieth 1003 8

4 1/5W Lucas Wolfe 952 3

5. 19M Brent Marks 697

6. 51 Stevie Smith 619 8

7. 87 Alan Krimes 589 2

8. 25 Aaron Ott 585 1

9. 14 Lance Dewease 580 1

10. 17B Steve Buckwalter 492 3

11. 11c Cory Haas 374

12. 52 Austin Hogue 297

13. 59 Jim Siegel 236 1

14. 39 Tim Glatfelter 228

15. 07 Doug Esh 204 1

16. 55 Mike Wagner 195

17. 51 Freddie Rahmer 194

18. 55K Robbie Kendall 184

19. 3z Brock Zearfoss 183

20. 7w Logan Wagner 181 1

21. 20 Ryan Taylor 180

22. 15 Adam Wilt 177

22. 99M Kyle Moody 177

24. 69K Donnie Kreitz Jr 163 1

24. 94 Ryan Smith 163

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Central PA Sprint Cars Presented by Hoseheads at

Coming Up…..

Williams Grove Speedway August 21st

Port Royal Speedway August 22nd

Lincoln Speedway August 22nd

Susquehanna Speedway Park August 23rd

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End of Season Product Sponsors: VRP Shocks, Shaver Wesmar Gear Drives,

RE Enterprises, Panchos Racing Products, KSE Racing Products, Kreitz

Oval Track Parts, Keizer Aluminum Wheels, Rod End Supply, Zemco Speed

Equipment, Saldana Racing Products, Hinchman Racing Uniforms, Triple X

Race Co, ATL Fuel Cells,


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08-17-13 Williams Grove Speedwayimage
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08-16-13 Williams Grove Speedwayimage
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08-10-13 Selinsgrove Speedwayimage
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All Star Circuit of Champions

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UNOH All Star Action Continues Later This Evening Back at “A.R.P.”

Attica, Ohio (September 4, 2015) – Red Lion, Pennsylvania’s Cody Darrah led all but the opening lap of UNOH All Star Circuit of Champions feature competition on Friday evening, September 4, at Attica Raceway Park, securing the $3,000 spoils to help kick-off the “Attica Ambush” weekend in Attica, Ohio. For Darrah, it was a fourth-career UNOH All Star Circuit of Champions victory and his third of the 2015 season. The driver of the familiar J&K Salvage sponsored #89 survived two main event cautions, while holding off two generations of the Haudenschild family, to clinch a career-first Attica Raceway Park victory.

“This is a place where I used to struggle” said Darrah, “I’ve learned so much this year racing with (UNOH All Stars) and racing with Dale (Blaney). Where I’m from in central PA, we are spoiled with race tracks and race fans, but (Attica Raceway Park) is one of the premiere tracks in the country.”


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