Championships Organized by the USAC

The US auto club, also known as USAC, is the most important and well-known organization in the world of US auto racing.

  1. Short History

After the American Automobile Association stepped down from organizing auto races in 1955, the USAC was formed and took its place. This withdrawal followed as a result of an accident and the death of Bill Vukovic. The owner of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Tony Hulman, was the one responsible for the beggings of USAC. In time, this organization has become the rule arbiter and the leader in car design and other principles in connection to auto racing championships. There are many series that are run and organized by USAC. These include the Silver Crown Series, the National Midget, the National Sprint Car, Quarter Midgets, TORC Series and the Ignite Ethanol Fuel Series too.

  1. Triple Crown

The triple crown is a special recognition that every driver has the opportunity to achieve. Namely, for a driver to get this high recognition, it is necessary to win all three national auto championships. So, what this means is that a driver has to win the silver crown, the sprint and midget car to get the respected triple crown as a last, final and highest recognition for an excellent race season.

  1. National Championship Organized bt the USAC

The very first time the USAC has ever awarded a national championship was in 1979 when A.J. Foyt has finally made it, and this was the seventh title in his career. Later, in 2010, it was officially announced that the USAC would start awarding the long-waited national championship. The winner of the 2010 championship has won an astonishing sum of $40,000. The national series is the place where the drivers can score points and only then have the opportunity to compete in the championship. As mentioned above, these series are sprints, midgets, and the silver crown.

  1. A Chronological List of USAC Drivers Champions

What follows is a list, granted it’s not too long but extremely important. This list represents the champions, starting from 2010 up until 2017. Let’s have a look!

  • 2010 – Bryan Clauson, Indiana
  • 2011 – Bryan Clauson, Indiana
  • 2012 – Bryan Clauson, Indiana
  • 2013 – Tracy Hines, Indiana
  • 2014 – Tracy Hines, Indiana
  • 2015 – Dave Darland, Indiana
  • 2016 – Brady Bacon, Oklahoma
  • 2017 – Justin Grant, California
  1. Active USAC Series

USAC Silver Crown Series

This series dates back from 1971. In that time, dirt races were not included in the National Championship. Starting from 1971, and up until 1980, this series was called National Dirt Car Championship, and it was later changed into Silver Crown Series. This change came in 1981.

USAC National Sprint Car Championship

Historically speaking, the sprint car championship had had a period when it was divided into two separate divisions. Simply put, from 1956 to 1960, there were a Midwest and an East division.

The USAC Western States Midget Series

As an organization, USAC has started this series in 1982. The races are on dirt and are always driven in California.

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